Day of Bliss Registration

It’s a one-day event coming to the renowned Broadway Theatre in Catford on Saturday 26th October 2019. It’s free, and all you need to do to secure your ticket is register using the link below.

A DOB is full of perfect happiness, great joy, pleasure, delight, gladness, ecstasy, elation, euphoria… and so much more!

If this state of paradise sounds too good to be true, like a commercial on TV or a dream, we can assure you it is real, and it’s brought about only by the manifestation of God’s presence.

We know God’s manifested presence is not often seen everywhere, except when we stir Him up from within us. However, on this glorious DOB, there will be a great manifestation of the presence of God that will be evident for all to see.

This’ euphoria’ in His presence will bring about healing, miracles, strength, more grace, empowerment, impartation, more joy, peace, laughter, restoration and so much more into the lives of everyone present.

In His presence, there is FULLNESS OF JOY!!!

The Broadway Theatre

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